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Campus Facility


Hostel Facilities:

The students can be provided hostel accommodation for boys an girls separately. They have to apply by filling up a form, which will be provided by the institute at the time of admission. Students seeking accommodation in hostels will have to deposit Rs. 5000/- as security money and Rs. 4000/- only as monthly lodging and fooding charges at the time of admission. Hostel security money shall be refunded after deduction of dues if any or any other damage charges. One month payment will be required to be made in advance. Strict maintenance of discipline will be foremost consideration for allotment of seat and continuation in the hostel. Male students will not be allowed to remain out side the hostel after 7 pm. where as female students will not be allowed outside the hostel stay after 6 pm. However under special circumstances permission can be granted for stay out side the hostel in presence of parents or authorized local guardian by parents. Hostel Superintendent will reside in the hostel.


Excursion Tours:

In addition to theoretical clinical and practical experiences to the students excursional tour will be organized under each department at least once during every academic year. Preference will be given to the places where institute of excellence are existing so that apart from sight seen the academic input could be widened. Concessional rate will be charged for all such trip.


Conveyance & Transport:

The institute shall have its own well maintained bus or fleet of large size cars to commute the students from campus to different hospitals for time to time training in clinical aspects of the subject.


Symposium and Seminars:

Regular symposium of seminars will be organized for creating awareness, information and interest in scientific learning of the students. Experts from all over the country in various branches of medical science will be invited to present the papers in the seminar and symposium. Certificates will be given to best speaker in English and Hindi each Year.